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PUBG stands for Player Unknown Battle Ground. It is the most popular and trending game amongst teenagers all over the world. It gained popularity because of its quality and graphics. The game is developed by a video game company named Bluehole. PUBG Mobile MOD APK is a modified version of the PUBG mobile game with more features than the original game. However, the modified version is illegal to play as it has some cheat terms. It can result in an account ban for about ten years. 

The PUBG MOD APK version has free access to all the paid features in the original PUBG game. People opt for MOD APK because it has quick fixes and is easier to play than the original game. People with weak gaming skills faced many difficulties while playing PUBG, so they started opting for the modified versions, which helped in giving control over the challenges and a smooth gaming experience at their own risk.

How to download PUBG mobile MOD APK

The downloading process of PUBG Mobile MOD APK is very easy. However, before downloading the modified version, it is essential to update your mobile settings to allow downloading from other sources than the Google Play Store. 

You can download PUBG Mobile MOD APK through different links and sources. However, every MOD APK is not safe and updated. To get the updated and latest version of PUBG Mobile MOD APK, download it from the link given below. Rest assured, it is safe for your device, so don’t worry about anything else.

After downloading the link, open it, and you can download PUBG MOD APK on your phone. Once the game is installed, follow the instructions to enjoy free features and a gaming experience. 

Features of PUBG Mobile MOD APK

Following are the features of PUBG Mobile MOD APK that will compel you to play it for long hours.

PUBG Mobile Unlimited UC 

The modified version offers unlimited unknown cash in the game known as UC. It is the currency that is used in the game to purchase different items. In the original game, the only way to buy these items is through real money. In contrast, you get unlimited unknown cash in PUBG Mobile MOD APK in your account to purchase all the things you want. 

PUBG Mobile Unlimited BP 

BP stands for battle points. They are one of the currencies used in the game. You receive these battle points according to the number of kills you do in the game, the match’s duration, and the damage done. You can also use these battle points to purchase items in the game to change your aesthetic appearance. 


This feature enables the player to auto-aim at the enemy. The opponent is traced through its movements and is aimed automatically, resulting in a perfect shot. However, this feature works only with guns. It does not auto-aim for other weapons such as grenades. 

Unlock all mobile skins

Another feature of the modified version is unlocked versions of weapon and clothing skins, which aren’t available in the original PUBG. It helps in making the game more exciting and easy to win. 


This feature enables the player to see the opponent through any object or wall. You can spot enemies through radar and detect their position on the map. It helps to remove any graphic restriction, and you can shoot the enemy while being hidden. It enables the players to kill their enemies without being at risk. 


This version of PUBG Mobile MOD APK comes with the antiban feature that saves your account from being banned by the PUBG developers. So you can fearlessly play the game as you are not at risk of getting banned for ten years. 

No fog and grass

In the PUBG Mobile MOD APK, no fog and grass feature helps the player detect the enemy in the rough weather giving complete visibility to find the enemy’s position and location. The no grass feature can help find the enemy while hidden in the grass to attack. So there will be no hurdle that you will face while shooting the opponents.

No root

In the PUBG Mobile MOD APK, an essential feature is that there is no root element. There is no need to root your phone. Most of the time, when rooting your phone, it can affect your phone application and your working of it. So with this version of PUBG, you are free from this hassle too.

No recoil

When playing the game on your phone, it can be challenging to kill the enemy with a gun. It is because the gun has a lot of recoils, which can be very difficult to learn. With the modified version, there are no recoils, so it becomes easy to kill. 

High jumping and flying vehicles

This hack enables users to have a competitive advantage over their enemies. They can jump higher than other buildings making it easy to win. You can only have these skills through the modified version, so don’t think long and install the PUBG Mobile MOD APK now.


To conclude, PUBG Mobile MOD APK is a hacked version of the original PUBG with more features making it easy for its players. The original game requires a lot of strategic thinking to win the battle, but many people like to opt for the modified version to enhance their gaming skills and have a better chance to win.

However, it is illegal to use the hacked version as it can lead to the account being banned or terminated for ten years by the PUBG server developers. This MOD APK version of PUBG helps save you from the server developers from banning the players.  So try it out, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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